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2020-07-07 Osayi

Welcome to Demystified with Osayi Tres Omokaro.
Taking Basic Life Concepts, Breaking Them Down To Aid Actions.
Hi, you’re welcome to the first episode of our series “DEMYSTIFIED”. My name is Osayi Tres Omokaro and I’m going to go right on.
In this episode we will be dealing with the concept of work.
I chose to deliberately use that word work; as opposed to employment, job, earn a living, career and all of that. I am doing that because in all of this put together, what you are doing is that you’re actually working.
So I want to take it from this perspective. When you hear the word work, don’t always think about someone having to sign a deal with you; that is what Wikipedia called employment, an agreement between two parties where one works and will get paid at the end of a certain period. But I want us to see it from the perspective of my personal definition.
I define work as the engagement of your time, your energy and intellect to create a value that can be exchanged for other value; and in most cases, because money is the medium of exchange, your value can be exchanged for money. That is our definition of what we’re going to be dealing on. And I want to say this: if you happen to be among those that have been fired or have been displaced by reason of the lockdown, the global pandemic that has shaken the earth, I welcome you onboard. I say congratulations because by experience, I have come to realize that it is actually an opportunity to get fired.
I have never been fired, but I have been opportune to fire myself at some points in time and looking back, I realize I did the right thing. If you’re one of those that got fired, that got displaced, that got downsized or right-sized by reason of the shutdown, occasioned by the global pandemic,  I want to share just three (3) things with you that can help you jump-start your work immediately. And these three things only require that you take a look at yourself.
Stop wailing, stop regretting, and stop feeling bad for what has happened. If you understand the concept of work, you will realize that it's really an opportunity to get displaced from where has kept you in bondage.
I’m not one of those that say “employment is the bribe you take to sacrifice your own dreams”, I don’t believe that is true.
Les Brown calls job as the “Journey Of the Broke”, some call it “Just Over Broke” but I think that every one of us is and can be employed at all times but there is a mindset I want to send through this episode tagged “De-Mystifying Work”.
For instance, I say "I have never worked for anybody in my life”, and I know some of you watching/reading, we have both worked at some employments, so you say “Why is this guy lying to the public?” Yes but I am sure that as I continue to talk to those of you who have ever worked with me at some employment, you will realize where I am talking from.
Everywhere I have ever worked, I have always worked for myself irrespective of who is signing my paycheck. I have always worked with the mindset of turning my employment to “apprenticeship with salary”; that is what I want us to get from this demystification that we are giving to work.
When you get employed, work for yourself, work to learn, so that in a situation where that employment no longer exists, the knowledge sticks and with that knowledge, you can create employment for yourself and for others. If you have ever worked in the financial services industry, you should be able to begin to consult for small businesses concerning their finances.
Wherever you have worked, I have worked in the bank for some time and till date, I still do micro-lending, it generates some money for me; I don’t need anybody to pay me for that. I do micro-lending and I earn from it.
I worked at some point in time with a firm, I used the term worked with, not work for because I work for myself; I could work with any organization but I work for myself. I worked with a telecommunications company, we were actually selling data (internet services); immediately I left there, I could do the same thing for other clients and keep earning money because while I was working, I worked with a disposition of learning. I wasn’t focused on what I was earning but I was focusing on what I was learning because what I learned I can deploy afterwards wherever.
That is the mindset I want to send to us: Work To Learn. When you learn, your earning capacity keeps increasing.
So I want to share just three concepts with us and all of these concepts require that you take a deeper look at yourself.
First, in that job, that place of employment, what exactly were your job roles? What were you doing? If you gave your roles the best of attention, you would have learnt some skills while doing that work. You may have been fired, you may have been displaced but those skills remain with you. How else can you declare those skills? Think deeply and you can start by tomorrow morning.
Secondly, there are natural gifting, natural talents that you have, just like I enjoy talking. Even while I worked in the bank I remember when people come on my queue to get paid, if you ever raised any questions concerning any of our products, I don’t just only explain, I start to teach; so I am a natural teacher.
When I left the bank, I employed that natural gift of teaching but with the experience, I got working in a corporate environment, I now teach business; I teach people how to succeed in business, I teach people how to succeed in their life.
There are natural skills you have; is it singing? Is it a natural smile? Those things that may not have made any sense while you were earning salaries, it's high time you gave attention to them. What can those natural skills do for you today? Take a look at them, you can deploy them.
Then the third thing I want you to look at is your time. Like I stated in my definition of work: The deployment of your time, your energy and your intellect to create values that can be exchanged for other values; that is my definition of work.
Now, what is your time doing? You have millions and millions of seconds credited to you every year. So when we scream the “2020, it’s my year of greatness, it’s my year of thriving, it’s my year of the supernatural, it’s my year of this, it’s my year of that!” Do you know why we were all screaming? Because we just credited with millions and millions of seconds.
That screaming, that confession is just the beginning of greatness. What you begin to do with that time afterwards determines how the year will end.
Oh, I have the time, where I worked in the past I really never gave it all it took, so I really didn’t leave there with enough skills that I can deploy now, taking a look at what I do naturally, there is no financial value to it and all of that. So what then can I do with my time?
It is never too late to learn a new skill, it is never too late to learn a new trade, it is never too late to deploy that time reading articles like this, watching Youtube channels many others.
Decide what you want to do with your life and begin to train yourself, investing the time that you have to begin to build the reality of the future that you see.
Time is one thing we all have in equal amounts; the rich do not have 24 hours and extra seconds more than the poor. We all have it equally and what we do with it determines how we end.
I trust that you will take some steps having known that work doesn’t have to be based on employment. And when you are employed, work as unto God and work for yourself.
Work to learn, knowing that learning enhances your capacity.
As a parting word, I will tell you, never accept employment that doesn’t tally with the core of your values and your life. I have decided to be a teacher all my life and I have drilled that down to teaching business and success strategies. You can’t give me a job that will not add up to how I am able to do this.
When you take a decision on where you are facing in life and what you are doing with your life, seek for jobs that will keep adding value to you in that path that you have chosen for yourself; It becomes easier to learn while you work knowing that the values that you are getting from where you work is building you up inline with what you have decided to do in life.
Thank you so much for spending this time with us.
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