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Business Coaching
Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Osayi Tres Omokaro is a certified Business Consultant, also trained at the Business Training Institute of Florida, USA, he has undergone enterprise/business courses at the EDC, Lagos Business School, he has acquired various business management courses locally and internationally online and offline.
He has a wealth of field knowledge in building and sustaining businesses as he built Treskaro Systems & Solution from the scratch and today that brand ranks amongst the first 5 brands as long as Business Support Services are concerned in Benin City, Edo State.
He seats on the board of over 5 companies and gives guidance and supports to many more companies helping them to navigate all their challenges/hurdles in the course of their businesses.
He daily engages with startups and help them think through their businesses and make meaning of them from the idea stage to the market.
Osayi Tres Omokaro can be engaged to guide your company through that challenging time, helping you build structures that will enhance your productivity, enhance the performance of your human and material resources, make the best of your existing resources and attract more resources to better run your business.
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This is a highly priced and time demanding service, please note that booking ahead is very important as the demand here is very high.
Personalized Startup Incubation Services

Personalized Startup Incubation Services

This is a premium services highly demanded by people with idea and struggling businesses.
It’s a 10 weeks once in a week 3hrs sessions with the father of startups (Online/Offline) that helps people with innovation ideas who are stuck, and seeking for clarity to learn the various aspects of startup business development.
It’s a training and practical sessions that takes place once a week and engages the startup on the topic of the week on practical implementation of the said topic.

The outcome of this service are:

  • A detailed business plan that’s well understood by the startup/business owner, because s/he was a vital part of the process.
  • A prepared Pitch deck that will allow the startup engage any investor locally and internationally, online or face to face.
  • Free Application for three grants opportunities related to the business idea of the startup/business owner.
  • Enlistment in our mentorship conclave that allows them access more trainings and access to opportunities from my space and network for life.
  • Ultimately a product/service in the market that starts to generate cash for the business.

It’s a service that’s open to a few persons per time, hence enlistment is very competitive, to control the influx and ensure that only serious minded persons are accepted into the sessions per time we have sessions for maximum of 5persons and a session for just 1person/team.
They all go for different pricing.

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Osayi Tres Omokaro is a certified public speaking expert trained at the Business Training Institute, he is a highly sort after speaker who engages more in platforms that engages young people to maximize their lives and businesses.
Because of his passion for startups, business development and management.
He is in high demand, hence there is need to schedule ahead of time. Click Here to Book Now!
Startup Grind Benin City

Startup Grind Benin City

Osayi Tres Omokaro is the Chapter Director of StartupGrind Benin Chapter.
StartupGrind is a global community of entrepreneurs with headquarter in Silicon Valley USA and has chapters in cities all over the world.
For Osayi Tres Omokaro all we do in StartupGrind Benin is our seed to our City, State and Nation.
We engage our community and expose them to global knowledge tried & domesticated by successful entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges of the local business environment and made some successes; they share their experiences to encourage and guide other startups.
We hold a session once every month.
We solicit partnerships and support from other individuals and organizations willing to invest in the development of startup businesses in Benin City to join us in whatever way possible.
Please feel free to contact us to know how you can participate. Click Here to Get in Touch!
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Free Business Advisory Services

Free Business Advisory Services

Osayi Tres Omokaro gives free business advisory services to startups and idea carriers every day of his life.

This is a prescheduled 10-15 minutes session with young minds who have ideas and are clueless on the way forwards or need to take some decision but needed to vet their options with a trusted experienced on the field expert.

To schedule this session you are only required to call or chat up his Personal Assistance or fill this form attached below to confirm your allotted time.

Please do all it takes to keep to your allotted time and schedule your conversation to allow ample time for maximum impact.