Democratizing Enterprise Knowledge

According to IMFBy 2035, Nigeria will have more working-age people than the rest of the world’s regions combined,” “This growing workforce will have to be met with jobs.” This has major implications for the country’s economy, its security and wider immigration patterns.

Treskaro Systems & Solution runs by the philosophy that Entrepreneurs creates business while businesses create wealth and jobs but knowledge is required to sustain the entrepreneur, the business, the wealth and ultimately the job that are created.

Treskaro Systems and Solution is a Premium Enterprise & Leadership Education/Human Capacity Development Company. With a vision to Support the effective start-up, operation and management of a total of 4,800 companies, create 48,000 jobs, and enhance the productivity level of 200,000 Nigerians in 20 years.

How are we doing this?

We empower Nigerians to Start, Nurture, Sustain and Grow their Companies, we also train company staff/personnel to become their best version and contribute to the advancement of the companies where they work.

We empower Startups, Business owners and personnel by domesticating Global Best Practices in Local Businesses, providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, expertise, networks, and tools they need to make their ventures globally compliant and locally successful

Why are we doing This?

With 65% of Businesses started in Nigeria dying in three years and youth unemployment rate at 33.1%, resulting in high rate of criminality, we are eager to reverse that trend by building the business and leadership capacity of young Nigerians, entrepreneurs/startups and enhancing the productivity level of existing businesses and personnel.

Our Services

Business Incubation
Enterprise Training

Enterprise Training

We organize various training on diverse aspects of entrepreneurship, beyond the complete incubation we can work with clients to organize a one off entrepreneurship training for their selected trainees.
These trainings covers areas like:
Identifying and evaluating opportunities (We help trainees identify their core strength and open their consciousness to opportunities within/around their environment, the global space (through technology) and how they can take advantage of them.

From idea to MVP to market: here we help startups with test and validate their idea, develop the prototype and engage their market.

Funding and financing your business: We help innovative idea & Business owners find the resources needed to take of or expand their business.

Grant Master Classes: This training focuses on specific grant opportunities and how to access them, we take the time to open these opportunities and do a step by step questions and answers on what’s expected from the grant giving organisations and how to craeft your content to hit their demand.

Business Plan and proposal Writing: We have found out by experience that some startups especially the tech guys spend so much time working on their technical skill but can hardly put together a proposal or a business plan to fully express this idea in a format that’s sellable to investors and other stakeholders, we organize training to also tackle these challenges and help them hewn their capacity to do this effectively.

Branding and Image management: image is like the beautiful woman that attract every man, but character is what sustains a relationship, same way we help trainees to see the need to develop a quality brand image, expose them to the how and also take them deeper to building the competence that will make them deliver on the expectations that the brand will evoke from customers.

Softskills Training: We organize soft skills trainings to focus on areas like:
- Communication
- Listening
- Showing Empathy
- Networking
- Self-confidence
- Giving and receiving feedback Etc.
We have also seen that all other aspects could go right and the disposition of the staff/personnel to internal and external customers keeps repelling clients and repeat businesses/patronage.
Staff Training

Staff Training

We train company staff and personnel from top management to the least employee. This training covers areas like :
Human Resource Management and optimization: the personnel of any company needs to be maximally engaged and utilized to achieve organizational goals and objectives, we train HR managers and personnel on the best ways to achieve this.

Customers Service Excellence: We help organisations to build a cutomer-centric company by empowering the staff from the security to the MD realise that the only reason their businesses exist is to serve the customer, every other activity of the company is necessary after this.

Sales and Marketing Training: We help the management take a wholistic look at their target customers, customize their marketing to reach them using the best strategies and media, and also build the capacity of the sales team to harvet the marketing effort of management.

Financial Management/Accounting Training: We training company accountant and staff to employ the best practices on financial planning, management and the use of Enterprise Management Softwares ERP and Cloud Based Softwares to manage their organisation’s financial inventrory, production and other resources.

Risk Analysis and Management Training: We train top management to identify, analyse and mitigate organizational risk before they crystalise.

General Business Management/Leadership Training: This is designed for company top management and decision makers, it helps to refresh and expose them to global best practices and most effective leadership/mamagement strategies to maximise their resources from human to material to financial etc.

Any other area of training required by the organisation based on the uniqueness of their company and the perculiarity of their deliverables.

These trainings are done for organisations based on request, they are either done at clients premises or in our own facility, whichever is preferable for the client.

We also organize these trainings and reach out to organisations to send in their personnel to attend and learn.

Kindly reach out through the form below or our contact channels to either request this training for your personnel (Customised) or enlist your personnel for our next training session.

90 Days Business Turn Around

Technology Support

Technology Support

In the course of our engagement with startups and businesses we discovered that technology is the key enabler of local business as it gives them the leverage to deliver services in a more robust and customer-focused manner, it also allows for ease of scalability and maximal reach.
To this end, we built Treskaro Technologies.
Treskaro technologies provide software solutions that enable business (small and big) to thrive in the delivery of their products and services to their target customers.
Our services are as follows:
  • Payment Solutions
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Database Management System
  • Office Management System
  • Hospital Management System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Business Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Hotel Management System
  • Loan Management Software
  • Online Payment Solutions
  • Online Store/E-commerce
  • Event Management Software
  • Ticketing Software
  • Online Ticketing System
  • University Portal System/Software
  • School Portal System/Software
  • ERP Software
  • CRM Software
  • Sales Management Software
  • Accounting System/Software
  • Restaurant & POS System Management System
  • Food Ordering System/Application
  • Graphics Design
  • Online CBT Exam System/Software
  • Biometric Applications/Software
  • Payroll and HR Management Software
  • Utility Bill System/Software
  • Estate & Property Management System

And any other software as will be needed by our clients Contact Us.